About US

Supermarket della Calzatura was born in the 60's, from an idea of Mr. Bonani Gaetano and his wife Ms. Andreina. Thanks to its past as street shoe seller, the store immediately acquires prestige.
The shop will receive the client's consent thanks to the seriousness and competence in the commercial offer, especially aimed at satisfying the customer.
Over the years, the continuation of the activity is kept in family and it is in the workplace that the son of Gaetano continues and learns the profession from his father.
In 1985 Bonani Gaetano dies.

The business is carried on by Maurizio's wife and son, followed by the opening of three new outlets.
To date, Supermarket della Calzatura with its outlets is known and appreciated by the most demanding Customers and remains a point of reference in the area of high Lake Garda and throughout Trentino Alto Adige.

It is also well-known by the tourism that flows most of the year on Lake Garda. However, it remains alive in memories of the Sunday trips of almost every Trentino family, anticipating the times of shopping malls.
In our stores you will find the footwear of the most prestigious brands for men, women, children, slippers, sports shoes, hiking, a wide assortment of suitcases and leather goods and a stock ward.

All with a particular attention to price-quality ratio.